Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journal Pages

It looks like Spring maybe be making an appearance here in the Great Northeast….finally.  The sun is feeling warmer, the days are warmer,  things are starting to pop-up from the ground the birds are singing and the trees have buds!  All sure signs that Spring is struggling to appear.

I was very dormant for awhile this winter as I previously posted.  I did, however, manage to keep up [well, almost keep up] with an an online art group [ journal 52 ] I belong to called Journal 52. It's free and  every week you receive a new prompt for a journal page.  I will admit, we're presently on week 14 and I have not done every week.  I really want to catch up at some point!  I have shared some previous ones on my blog and today I have a few more to share.

A Day in the Life of Me
The Art of Lost Love Letters
When I Grow Up
Found Poetry

These are all done on loose watercolor paper that I will put in a special journal.  

We recently had a beautiful new addition to our family.  Her name is Julianna Angelica Zwack and she is my nieces daughter.  She came into the world on Weds. March 19th….she is so adorable and it's so nice to have a baby in the family again.  Sadly, this will probably be the last baby for a long time.  Another niece, Amanda, is a photographer and she did the photos for both the second and third pictures  ….she is a wonderful photographer be sure to check out her FB page.

Hello Julianna, glad to meet you!
Minutes after she was born.
Welcome to the world, little one.
About one week old

Off to do, or try to do, some "Spring Cleaning"…..good wishes and thanks for visiting!


  1. Welcome Julianna! She is beautiful! Best wishes for all. I love your journal pages Fran! They are so expressive; love the cherry blossoms! xo

  2. hi fran! i love those love letters… have been busy creating beautiful journal pages!! and speaking of beautiful….hello julianna!! what a precious little sweet pea! amanda has done a spectacular job capturing her sweetness! i hope you have a beautiful weekend!! xox