Friday, May 16, 2014

Niko's Special Day & Mother's Day

On May 3rd my grandson made his first communion [when did he get so big?]….it was beautiful and he looked so handsome…check him out:

The lei was from his Hawaiian grandparents who were
here to share this day with Niko

We were not allowed to take pictures in church as they provided a professional photographer to take pictures . . . we had to sneak the two pictures above!!!  Then after the service there was a luncheon for about 60 friends and family at Koto's Japanese Restaurant - complete with Hibachi tables.
This picture was captured by MY professional niece/photographer
Amanda at the luncheon. . . 
Niko with his Godparents
[photo taken by my niece Antonia - not a professional
photographer but who knows what is in the future!]
Angelo DiCarlo - DiCarlo & Son Autobody
 Amanda Ziter - Amanda Ziter Photography
[ two great businesses in Troy, NY] 

I hope everyone had a glorious Mother's Day!  The weather was gorgeous all day.  Thank you to my sweet niece  Amanda for hosting a "ladies only breakfast"… it was delicious.   OK, Amanda, who is a professional photographer took numerous pictures of us.  Which one does she share with everyone on FB….this one:

There we are in all our glory stuffing our faces.  The best part is Amanda deliberately posted this picture!  Oh well, in case your wondering who everyone is, here we go:  starting on the left is Shari [Amanda's MIL], next is Deanna [Amanda's SIL], me, Christina [my niece, Amanda's cousin], my sister Anne [Amanda's mother] and Cynthia my SIL [Amanda's aunt].  The only one missing is my DIL Moani who was in NJ with her family.

The following is a photo of a project that I'm presently doing.   I will soon share more pictures with you - this is just a tease:

Have a great day….it's a rainy here in Latham, NY!

Good wishes and thanks for visiting . . .


  1. I'm so happy Niko had his beautiful day! He looks great! Super photos! Love the black and whites. The ladies only breakfast looked like fun - delicious, too!

    I know what your "sneak peek" is. Awesome! :) xo

  2. I can remember my own communion day like it was yesterday (rather than 44 years ago) so these renegade images make me smile. I love the photo that Amanda captured of everyone eating...although if I had been one of them, I would break her kneecaps :o) -- great pictures of life, as we live it. Your journal looks so neat and tidy. I have just two weeks of journal prompts and mine looks like it was dropped into a mud puddle. I am trying not to judge myself, but I always admire neat & tidy when I am shot from a cannon. Which, in my art, is most of the time.xo