Monday, September 9, 2013

5th Annual Family Camping Trip - 2013

For the past five years my entire family [meaning my sister, brother, me and our families - 23 of us] descend upon an unsuspecting camp ground for our annual end of the summer bash!!!  Well, not so unsuspecting as we had to rent the cabins ahead of time - the owner's just didn't know what they were getting into!!!  This year Loon Lake was our playground for nine days - Aug. 24th through Sept. 2nd and playing we did.  I happen to have friends, Skip & Mary Kaneg, who have a great lake house on Loon Lake [right on the water] and we spent time with them and their family as well.  As luck would have it, for us anyway, they were actually right across the lake from us so it made visiting convenient - just had to boat over.

Of course there was the usual disagreements [not as many as you might expect], much laughter, poker,  alcohol [poker & alcohol not always a good mix], plenty of good food and the fish were abundant.  The little kids had a spectacular time fishing, swimming, tubing and jet skiing [thank you Kaneg's for taking all of us out on the jet ski].  My nephew Jonathan had a new toy this year in the form of a motor boat named Il Coglione [please don't ask what that translates to] and gave young and old rides on the tube and boat.  Here are some visuals:

Kaneg's Lake House
View of our private beach from our cabin
Niko with his big catch

Nonno and Mahina fishing

Beach scene - Kaneg's lake house is on that island
Our cabins - we occupied 5 out of 6 cabins on the grounds 
Mahina on the beach
Niko tubing
Niko & Mahina jet skiing with Jennifer Kaneg
Kaneg's dock - Jonathan's boat is second on right
The gang [few people missing from picture]...

Well the owner's must have thought we were OK as we all have our deposits back 
already and there was no mention of us not being welcomed back next year!!!

A great ending to Summer of 2013!