Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Sands Beach, York, ME

My husband and I took a short trip to my favorite vacation spot - York Beach, ME!  We hadn't been there in several years and I was yearning for a sunrise walk on "long sands" beach.  Of course we did the tourist things like a visit to Nubble Light House, walked the mile long [twice] Marginal Way and ate at our favorite places - Orweeds at Perkins Cove [the BEST New England clam chowder] and Fox's at Nubble Light House.  We also brought home 10 beautiful Maine Lobsters to share with the "kids" and special neighbors.  Following are a few shots of this beautiful, beautiful part of the world:

Just after the sun "woke up" - 6:30 AM Long Sands Beach

Nubble Light House - there were divers at the Light House searching for ???...

Marginal Way - look closely at the last picture - it is of what I call "rock pile art" that people were doing or did create in certain areas along the Marginal Way - they were amazing!

Children's "sand art" along the beach...