Thursday, June 19, 2014

Documented Life Project

 I love to art journal and I don't always make the time to work in one of the several art journals I have going.  As a goal for 2014 I wanted something to keep me focused on "making time" for art; to make my time more productive so I can do art and to help keep me organized so I don't forget important dates.  With all this said, I also wanted this process not to be work but to be fun!  That is when I stumbled on the  Documented Life Project.  After researching this group for a couple of weeks I decided I'd give it a try.

A little late to the party as usual - I always find out about these great things after they start - I joined [in March] the group, ordered a moleskin planner from Amazon and got busy.   There are five artists, living in Florida, who started this group.  There is a dedicated Facebook group for this project where you can share your pages with the more than 7,000  [that's right, MORE THAN 7,000] members - not all are artists, believe me you do not have to be an artist to be part of the challenge.

I have become totally addicted to this project.  As I said I would share some photos in my previous post,  the following is a sample of a few of my pages:

My Cover - which I painted
Inside Pages

This challenge was to open one of your Pinterest
boards and be inspired - I was "inspired"by a Christy Tomlinson pin
of one of her boot girls….I drew the girl then water colored her -
week 6 
Circles… the challenge was to draw a shape - repeat it and add color 
Circles, cont. - week 7
Challenge - have someone draw in your journal and you finish it -
I asked my grandchildren for help with this one - week 13
Challenge - Monochromatic, use shades, tints & hues of one color…
I used 'crimson lake'  Koi watercolor - week 15
Challenge - add a bird to your page - this is actually the
week I jumped into this group - week 11

Challenge - Random Act of Kindness - week 19

Photograph or draw your favorite shoes week week 17

Challenge - Add a quote - week 18

These are a few random pages. The project is in week 25, as I mentioned I started late and haven't 'caught-up' with all the previous weeks [ I have done three or four] but I'm not stressing over it.  I do, however, make time to do the challenge every week.  I may just add whatever I want to the previous weeks and not follow the challenges….we'll see.  I am having so much fun with this.  When I showed my journal to a couple of my friends not too long ago they were as excited as I and jumped aboard, too.  I haven't seen their journal/planners yet but I am about to tonight - I can't wait!  I will share a few more pages with you soon.

Good wishes and I appreciate your stopping by!