Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

First, I thought I would start this post with this journal spread I had done in "Journal Club" a few months ago.  I belong to a very creative group of people - about 14 artists - that meet once a month to create spreads in our journals.  This group is led by the ever-so-talented Marilyn Rock, Melanie Phillips and Kerri Stabile. This spread is called a "grid" and it is composed of many different elements....stamps, paper napkins, watercolors, photo and various other pieces of ephemera.   I find I really enjoy working in this type of structure.  

Today is the day we celebrate our veterans.  I grew up in a small city called Watervliet and today is the annual Watervliet Memorial Day Parade.   It commences in front of a lovely park- appropriately called "Veterans Park" - that is dedicated to the deceased veterans of Watervliet.  It is well attended and all the local dignitaries will be there shaking hands and doing "their thing".  But it is also a day when you see old classmates, neighbors and friends who still feel strong ties to Watervliet.  My husband and I will be there with my grandchildren.  Lucky for us my sister lives across the street  from Veterans Park and she always has bagels and coffee for her family and friends that stop by after the parade.  This has been a tradition for many, many years and we always look forward to it.  After the parade festivities we will be going to my nephew Jonathan's and his wife Deanna for a day of eating, swimming and, yes, a little drinking!

Wishing everyone a safe Memorial Day however you choose to celebrate!
good wishes....