Friday, May 18, 2012

The Vegetable Garden
Saturday, May 12 was spent planting our new garden.  We planted 14 tomato, 6 eggplant, 6 red pepper, 6 jalapino, 3 zucchini, 2 yellow squash, parsley, basil, 3 cucumbers and a pumpkin.  I actually did the planting, but my husband, son and DIL did other work around the garden.  My DIL dug up along the walkway by the side of the house and planted hosta and some "wild geraniums"  [not sure what the botanical name is but that is what I know them to be].  We also planted a lilac we we're busy all day.  On Mother's Day, after we all went out for breakfast, we came home a put a "rabbit" fence around the raised beds in the attempt to keep critters out.  My son went out and purchased cayenne pepper to also deter the varmints from feasting on our newly planted veggies to be.  I'll keep posting the progress of our soon to be farmer's market to see if we actually get any produce.

The marigolds were planted to keep critters away....we were told they do not like the smell - let's hope so!

Last year my DIL planted some strawberries along the split rail fencing.  They didn't do to well last year, we actually thought the rabbits ate all the plants but we were surprised to see this on several of the plants:

If you look very close you can see sights of little berries in the making.  Now if we can keep Mahina [my granddaughter] from picking the flowers for mommy, we might just have some strawberries this year.

With all the planting going on around here I haven't had much time for art.  Here are a couple of watercolor paintings I have been working on.  I am taking an online class from another wonderful teacher...Martha Lever...I have taken many of her classes and love, love, love her style of art.  This latest one is called Pear-ology:

It looks like we're in for a wonderful, warm, sunny weekend....our agenda is full this weekend with baseball games, birthday parties and a first of the year Bar-B-Q that my niece and her husband - Amanda and Robbie - are hosting tomorrow.

The Great Escape opens on Sunday and my son and his family will be in line to open the season. . .and maybe I'll have time to paint!!!

Sorry for the long post!  Have a wonderful and safe weekend.....