Sunday, April 7, 2013

Building Easter Memories - 2013

Dyeing eggs, waiting for the Easter Bunny and the great egg hunt!  These are what memories are made from.  Every year my grandchildren along with their friends get together to color eggs. Equipped with 5 dozen eggs and 3 or 4 sets of egg dye they went to town getting more dye on them than on the eggs.  Happy to report only a couple of spills and dropped, cracked eggs.  But here's a secret - the girls were messier than the boys, but don't tell the boys!  Of course, there were many more pink eggs than any other color.  These girls rule!!!  With all this going on, my DIL was baking 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies!  The kitchen resembled the aftermath of a hurricane that blew through.

Check out all the pink eggs
Boys eggs - see, no pink!
Mahina & Sarah - check out their hands! 
Niko - how did that boy get dye on his face???

On to Easter and the Great Egg Hunt at my niece's house.  The older children hid the eggs and the younger ones hunted:

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!  I know one thing for sure, these kids had fun and will have wonderful memories!

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  1. Such fun; kids enhance holidays so much. Love the photos and smiles; even the ink-stained hands and face :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love ya - M