Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here Chick, Chick . . .

For her birthday my DIL wanted baby chicks and a chicken coop . . . well, she received 12 baby chicks and the coop is on its way.  The kids, along with their mom, gave some of the chicks names: McNugget, Hot Wings, Bossy Mahina, Bossy Sarah, Talulah, Golden Nugget, Henrietta,  Millie and my favorite Birdie.  We're hoping they are all girls cause we can't have any Rooster's in our hen house!  Here are some photos I took this morning of a few of them - they are two weeks old and as cute as can be . . .

This is Hot Wings and she is the cutest ! ! !

My niece Amanda, a photographer [click the link to go to her site], came over to our house today to take pictures of Niko & Mahina with the chicks for Easter.  What fun we all had with the chicks running, chirping and pooping all over the place!  She took some wonderful pictures - can't wait to see all of them.  While she was snapping away I took out my handy Canon power shot that is probably 5 or 6 yrs. old and took some random photos along with her, uploaded to my MacBook and did a little retouching and this is what resulted . . .

Right from the barnyard [the great room] to you!  Happy Spring . . .


  1. The chicks are SO cute!! Great names, too! The photos are super!

    Love the photos of your grand children! I think they're the cutest :)

    Happy Spring to you! (whenever it arrives right?)


    1. You are right! When is Spring arriving???

  2. My cousin Frank has chickens too, and he and the kids just love them. You've got a lot going on over there!!! Always!!!

  3. Love the pictures, kids and chics are adorable.

  4. Oh my goodness! Just so sweet!!!