Friday, January 24, 2014

Busy hands on cold days . . .

I don't mind the snow and I usually never complain too much about the winter, however, the bone chilling air and the terrible wind is another story!   And it's here again - this morning it was 1 degree F.  But one of the ways I am trying to survive the cold is by doing some journal pages and by attempting some more needlework.  Nothing is cozier on a cold, windy, wintry day than to curl up with some wool.  Well, the small pieces in my hands don't really keep me warm but you get the idea here!  I made a candle wrap and a little framed picture of a couple of sweet lambs.  I recently took an online class from one of my favorites, Junelle Jacobsen, as I have mentioned many, many times,  The Art of Goodness found  here.  It's a class offered at Christy Tomlinson's Scarlet Lime Workshop site.  One of the weeks Junelle did some work with pieces of wool and the piece I made was based from that class [the class is mostly sketching & painting with just a little bit of needlework & wool tossed in for good measure].  

Wool lambs in a frame . . .

Inspiration two was again from Junelle's recent class.  This time I took the idea from a watercolor Christmas card she did and used it to create a pattern for a felted wool candle wrap:

This is wrapped around a medium Yankee Candle jar. . .

I am also participating in an online art journaling workshop called Journal 52 - it can be found here.  There is a weekly prompt and the idea is to create a journal page each week for 52 weeks from a prompt that is given on a Monday morning .  Now will I be able to do keep it up?  I don't know if I can do each and every week but I'm sure going to try.  This workshop started three weeks ago and here are my finished pages for the first three prompts:

Week 1 - Up, Up & Away
Week 2 - Somewhere - A Special Place
Week 3 - You Make Me Smile
I have also been working on a Valentine tag swap, another candle wrap, favors for an upcoming baby shower and the everyday life of sitting with the grandchildren, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and of course there is the cooking!!!  I would rather clean a whole house than cook one meal!  Ugh!  I will share the projects I'm working on [not the cooking, cleaning, laundry and sitting with the grandchildren unfortunately] when they are finished.  

Here in the "Great Northeast" the extreme cold is expected to continue into next week and 1"to 3" inches of snow is expected tomorrow.  Winter is in full swing!  

Thank you for visiting….


  1. These are beautiful pieces Fran, keep it going!

  2. Well; you sure are keeping your hands busy my friend! Kudos! Love, love, love your felted sheep and that candle wrapper is awesome, too! Your journal pages are wonderful - - love seeing all of this creativity coming from your talented soul!

    I've been engrossed in making truth cards - really enjoying them.

    Hope to see you soon! Love ya - M

  3. So busy!!! I love all of your projects. I love the journal 52 concept. What a great way to keep it up for a whole year. One page a week doesn't seem impossible.

  4. Love the projects you have been doing can't wait to see more

  5. Hello Fran: I came to visit from Kerri's blog. I see your comments on hers and wanted to see what creative endeavors you are busy doing. I like what I see so am following via email and will be visiting again. Creative Bliss...