Monday, November 26, 2012

ATC Christmas Ornaments-2012

As some of you already know, I belong to a Yahoo group of artists called In My Vintage Room and Beyond.  I recently hosted an exchange in our group - ATC Christmas Ornaments.  Nine artists, including myself, played in this swap.  We had to create three Christmas themed ATC's with a hanger for displaying the ornament.  The girls outdid themselves - the ornaments were wonderful.  It was very difficult to give them up!  With my DIL's help, we sorted out all the ATC's and everyone received three in return for the three they created.  I packaged all the beautiful ornaments and put them in todays mail.  This is an annual event that we have been doing for at least three or four years and, I for one, look forward to this swap every year.  So feast your eyes on what the artist's created:

Doris - fronts  
Doris - backs
Donna - fronts - creative packaging as well!!!
Donna - backs
Mary - fronts
Mary - backs 
Janice - fronts
Janice - backs
Maura - fronts
Maura - backs
Ginger - fronts
Ginger - backs
Miriam - fronts 
Miriam - backs
Lori - fronts
Lori - backs 
Fran - fronts --- forgot to photograph backs
I told you they were wonderful!!!  Thanks girls for playing in this swap.....


  1. Wow! What an amazing collection! Great exchange!

    See you soon...............xxoo M

  2. I am sure that I am biased, but I think you and Lori rocked it out of the park!!!