Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Altered Vintage Cookie Cutters

For those of you who know me you know I'm a Pinterest Addict.  Yes, I will admit it, I am - I cannot help myself.  If anyone knows of a Pinterest Anonymous Group in my area let me know quickly.  I don't care much about Facebook or Twitter, but I love, love, love Pinterest!  There I've said it again.  

One morning while pinning, I came across a couple of photos showcasing altered vintage cookie cutters, which were then turned into Christmas ornaments and my mind went racing.  Now I had a desperate need to have vintage cookie cutters - and I had to have them right now!  So I put in a SOS to my friend Lori who is a antiques junkie and asked her to be on the lookout for cookie cutters in her never-ending search for unique antiques.  Lori's home is filled with beautiful finds and she displays them with such detail.  Her home really should be featured in Country Living or Country Home!  She mixes new with old in a way only Lori can do!  

Back to the cookie cutters - well, Lori, Bill [Lori's husband] and her sister Beth found me dozens of these cookie cutters at different antique shows.  Along with the cookie cutters Lori gifted me with a large book of vintage sheet music and Beth with buttons [great friends, by the way].  I had all I needed at this point to recreate what I had seen on Pinterest.  I have a specific goal for gifting these treasures and in a future post I will share who the recipients are.  For right now it's a secret.  

So here they are....I'm sure not everyone will be as excited about these as I am, so be it!!!

The first three pictures are some of my
altered cookie cutters

This was my inspiration from Pinterest
By the way folks, I am not responsible for anyone's addiction to Pinterest!!!  But you should give it a try.....


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous, Fran. Just charming. I like yours better than the original inspirations. And I am impressed with your photography techniques too.

  2. I wish I knew you were looking for these. I happen to have vintage cookie sheets in my stash. I picked them up at a flea market and never used them. In fact; you were with me when I bought them (Niskayuna Reformed) last year. :)

    I love your ornaments; they are beautiful. The vintage music sheets and your embellishments are perfect!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love ya - M

  3. Love the Cookie Cutters Fran and I also like yours more than the inspiration ones, have to admit I am a Pinterest Junkie too. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year