Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holiday's Came and Went

Hello Friends,
With the Holidays coming quickly and leaving even more so, I can't say I know where January went!  I had one of those old-fashioned colds that knocked me off my feet for over a week, and just the aftermath of Christmas, I literally lost January.  Well I'm happy to report I didn't loose February - I think I have a hold on it.

Back in December we all survived the "end of the world", which was scheduled for Dec. 21, is what appeared outside my kitchen window that very same day . . .

Obviously, not the end of the world - we're still here!  We survived the last day of the earth and the latest weather system as well.  With Boston, NYC and the Eastern seaboard still being slammed with Nemo ??? - we here in the Capital District of Albany only had a few inches of the white stuff....thankfully, that is.  Although they started closing things down on Thursday night and most of the schools closed before a single flake was visible!  I just don't get it - we have become a bunch of sissies! It wasn't that long ago when 3, 4 or even 5" of snow wasn't even worth mentioning - now it a National Emergency and please do not leave your homes for three days!  And WHEN IN THE WORLD did we start naming snow storms???  I can not believe this is what we have become....maybe we should start thinking of names for Spring Showers....!!!   Thanks for listening to my venting; now on to other things...

One of my pre-holiday projects was altering bottles creating snow-people.  Actually, I along with some friends, try to make this an annual event....sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.  These are the five I made this year - two were for gifts and three were for my collection [a little selfish, I know!]...

This person has been added to my personal collection!
The one with the green beads was a gift -
the little pink one is mine and still not glittered! 
This one is teeny, tiny and is mine -
 also not glittered! 
This silver one was a gift . . .

I had made several of these bottle trees as gifts, too!  I wasn't as selfish with these as I was with the Altered Snow-people.....

Some had green trees and some had creamy, white trees. . .
all were glittery!

Finally on to February - I'll share with you a project I created for a swap being hosted by Doris from In My Vinetage Room . . . the swap was to alter a tin, any tin, with a Valentine theme.  I choose to alter an old Altoid tin I had.  The swap has not been exchanged as of this posting, but I'm sure there will soon be pictures on the In My Vintage Room blog. . . check the above link after Valentine's Day to view everyone's altered tins. . .

The "roses" were made from card stock and the red heart on the bottom of the box was made
 from Celluclay and then painted and antiqued.  I hope the recipient likes it!

I'll take this opportunity to wish you a special Valentine's Day!  Stay warm and be safe....until next time. . . good wishes!!!


  1. I, too, could not believe that winter storms are to be named now! Honestly! NEMO????? I don't get it.

    Love your Valentine tin for the swap! The flowers are beautiful and just adore what's inside! Perfect!

    See you soon.............Love ya - M

  2. Love your snow people Fran. I have a few too and it's hard to part with them but we do.

    Love the valentine tin also. I'm sure the recipient will love it as well. Your art is always wonderful to my eyes. See you soon I hope.