Monday, September 3, 2012

Annual Family Camping Trip - 2012

17 of my family [not everyone was able to camp this year; it's usually about 23; my niece's Amanda, her husband Robbie, kids Gianna and Cameron, my niece Christina and her boyfriend John were not present] and 5 "extended" family members descended upon the Adirondack Mountains near Lake George for our annual pilgrimage to "close out the summer".  The kids, ages 4 yrs. old to 17 yrs. old,  had a wonderful time swimming in the lake, fishing, boating, playing cards and making s'mores by the nightly campfire.  The men also have a wonderful time doing about the same thing with the addition of few alcoholic beverages [women as well] after the little kids were bedded down for the night.  The gals took a trip to the Lake George Outlets for some shopping and my sister-in-law Cynthia [visit her blog] and I worked in our art journals one afternoon.  We had several visitors who stopped by on different days for visits.  I am so happy to announce not one disagreement among us [that is a bit unusual when all of us are gathered together over a long period of time!!! You know, Italian families and all!].  The owner of the camp grounds is always happy to see us come in but I am sure he is even happier when we leave....we are known to be very loud at times!

Let me explain one thing here, I say camping and it is camping as were are in the Adirondack's among the trees and all, however we stay in cabins [small ones I might add] that have a private bathrooms, running water, electricity, heat, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, beds with real mattresses [some more comfortable than others] and air conditioning....this is about as rough as I can manage.  These little cabins are right on the lake; there is a beach and two docks with paddle boats and row boats for our use.  It really is a great place.....

Although we had a ton of fun, it is always sad to see this trip come to an end as it represents the "end of summer".   I'll share some pictures:

Sunrise on the Lake-picture taken from my cabins kitchen window
Sunrise after the "Blue Moon"
The red building is my cabin-sleeps six

My nephew Jonathan, his son Brandon, my husband in red jacket and my grandson Niko


My son Anthony and my brother Frank "taking it easy"

Playing cards

My granddaughter Mahina with my brother's dog Oliver

My family 

All the 2012 Campers

Grandnieces Lexie in middle, Gabby on right and my granddaughter Mahina on left
Mahina on the beach
Brandon, my DIL Moani and nephew Levi
Lexie and Brandon making s'mores

My grandnephew Brandon, who caught the biggest fish this year, with my grandson Niko

Until next year......


  1. Great pictures Aunt Dolly!!! To bad you didn't get rob at his best!!!!

    1. I know, I didn't have my camera handy when you guys were there!!!

  2. Looks like fun and your photos capture some wonderful memories. Beautiful! xxoo

  3. i like the way you camp, fran......i couldn't survive out in the woods without some A/C (besides, i think my chocolate would melt.....)! i'm glad you had a great time with your family! it looks like a beautiful place! xox