Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Countertop

I have been wanting new kitchen countertops in our very small in-law apartment [as I disliked the ones that were in the apartment] and for one reason or another my husband keeps putting it off [I can't imagine why].  I had seen some painted countertops on Pinterest and thought "I could do that"!   After researching several different blogs with tutorials on how they transformed their countertops I jumped in with both feet.  There is a product on the market by Rust-Oleum especially for painting countertops, but the cost would have been near $100.00.  I just wanted to DIY to give my husband "more time" to get the ambition to install new ones so I wanted this to be cost efficient.....just to let you know, it cost me less than $30.00 and a few hours from start to end.

 Primed and ready for paint ...

 First color ...
 Several additional colors ...
 Finished and clear coated ...

I used a primer and craft acrylic paints applied with plastic bags, sea sponge and wadded-up paper towels.  I used 5 coats of clear coat just to be sure.  I think it will work for awhile but I will be careful not to use anything sharp directly on the countertop.  I also put those little plastic "feet" on the bottoms of  the glass jars and crocks just to further protect the counters.  I also painted the kitchen from a tan to green!  What will I do next???  Has anyone every painted an upholstered chair???


  1. Looks amazing Aunt Dolly!!!! Can't wait to see the chair!

  2. You are an artistic magician! I LOVE what you did with your counter top! Beautiful job! Can't wait to see your chair!

    I have an old table I need some advice on - maybe you could mentor me?

    I also see I've missed a lot of postings - love, love, love your umbrellas! xxoo

  3. Counter top looks great, I love it.