Friday, June 8, 2012

Pots of Flowers

I have taken several online classes from the talented Martha Lever; one being Color Drop Flowers.  At the end of the class videos Martha gives an additional video, which was these pots of flowers done in watercolor.  I love creating these little watercolors.  I recently started working in a Moleskin Sketching Journal and decided to try using watercolors in it and to my surprise it worked quite well.  Many art journal blog sites I visit have the artist raving about Moleskins to do their art, I am pleased to say, I rather enjoy working in this journal.  I have tried both watercolor and acrylic paints in this Moleskin and both held up very well!  Next time I'm out shopping for art supplies I'll pick up a Moleskin Watercolor Journal - just to test the waters!  I thought I share a spread I did with these Pots of Flowers in my Moleskin.....hope you enjoy...


  1. Beautiful Fran! Glad you like the Moleskine; I like mine, too, and the pages do seem to take the mediums very well. xxoo