Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Planting - 2012

Last Sunday my son and DIL purchased an apple that is mature and should produce granny smith apples this year!  The first picture is after the tree was planted.  On Monday, my husband [in top photo] purchased three raised garden beds in the hope of growing mouth watering tomatoes and various other veggies this summer.  The kids [my grandchildren Niko and Mahina] are very excited that they have their very own apple tree and veggies in their yard!  Today will be the big planting day after a week of cold and rain [except for yesterday when the other two photos were taken] here in the great Northeast!!!  Today the sun is shinning and it promises to be warm.  But first and foremost is a tee ball game that my five year old grandson, Niko, will participate in.  The last picture is of our Diva - my three year old granddaughter Mahina [I couldn't leave her out of this post - she would be insulted].   I will post pictures of the "Big Planting Day" soon.  Have a happy, sun-filled, warm Saturday........


  1. What adorable grandkids. Hope he hit a homer!!! The tree is beautiful. Let us know about your Granny crop!

    1. I hope the crop is worth the work and the price of the tree ;-) Grandchildren are perfect love, aren't they?

      Thanks for visiting Martha...this blogging thing is new to me!!! PS I'm loving the Pear-ology class......really loving it...

  2. Your hubby looks very proud of his planting :) Your grand kids are growing in leaps and bounds! Great pics - so glad you're Blogging! Happy Mother's Day; looks like you had a fun one and the weather was beautiful.

    Kids came with Sophia and brought me breakfast and then dinner after they picnicked in Saratoga. It was a nice day!

    xxoo M

  3. PS Forgot to say......your chicken and bow-tie casserole was delicious! It's all gone already! I gave Sophia what was left and she scoffed it! :) Thank you SO much! xxoo